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    These Patterns debut EP ' Species '




These Patterns debut EP ' Species'

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"This is definitely a band to watch. It is refreshing to see a local band that are not afraid to pursue a different musical path from that of the peers. Hopefully, the future will see These Patterns fulfil the wonderful sense of polish and overall sonic vision they have displayed on this EP."
- Neil Evans, Tone Deaf

"Employing a bass guitar and slide to the most innovative sonic use The Vulture has seen in a long while, These Patterns insinuated their sound effortlessly into the rhythmical logic of the night, as if there existed in the psychic fabric of Bar Open a loping, asymmetrical click track, guiding the pace of affairs. TP’s set displayed a delicate sense of balance: chaotic and destructive drones from one quarter of the stage would be offset and brought out to better effect by smooth, measured synth from another."
-Vulture Magazine

"Wow. These Patterns really explore their own musical template and offer something sinister yet compelling. The four Species tracks flow seamlessly into each other and Forestry and Furniture transports you to the inside of a wind tunnel. Vocals take form of echoed noise and are supplied by Samantha Arthur ( drums ) and Paul Satur (bass/slide). In lieu of those boring audio aids you can hire at galleries, These Patterns should be recruited to compose symphonies to ponder masterpieces by. Arthur's drum prowess is noteworthy-she exhibits machine like precision. Synth/keys player Jessica Njoo takes care of the bands artwork and design. Closer Visionary could soundtrack an apocalyptic terror."
- Bryget Chrisfield, Impress Magazine

"...Listen to there song Species, this gives a good indication on what the band are about, with there eerie synth lines, thrashing drumming sections, also what sounds like deep vocal chanting and there tribal rhythm arrangement keeping me in a trance.. These Patterns have engineered something very original and very refreshing, thus giving me hope that music will always evolve."
- A Story Never Told, Independent Music

"your music was so intense i had to go outside and vomit"
- Georgia Head
"you sound like tribal, rave, joy division"
- lady at the tote

"...their primal, experimental sound was truly excellent"
- Paige X. Cho, Beat Magazine

"... these guys, well one guy and two girls, are great. These Patterns make use of percussion very well, full kudos to Samantha Pattern on drums here, and the three piece make enough sounds between them to fill a much larger stage. Paul Pattern's bass playing is only rivaled by his borderline hilarious dance moves, and there may or may not have been an unsuccessful stage dive to end their set."
- Sophie Massarotti, Rave Review

"These Patterns take you on a strange and utterly bewitching musical journey. Time becomes a foreign concept, as you are swept into an unchartered world that might resemble something from one of Salvador Dali's nightmares.
Listening to their music, I imagine myself driving through thick fog on a cold winter's night. A sea of shadows billowing beyond the headlights, warping and dancing as they career toward them, before vanishing into the night.
Tribal drums tip-tap away like an anxious metronome, both unsettling and hypnotising at once. Murky synths ripple over shrill feedback, whilst menacing vocals chant off in the distance. When left to a vivid imagination, the mind can be a scary thing. Leave your imagination subject to a band like These Patterns, and you can be sure it will be set ablaze."
- Deaf Ambitions

""Melbourne trio These Patterns brought out this darkwave moodpiece Species last year. Its an EP that revels in its strung out, murky instrumentation, a meditation on sustenance and evolution. 'Begin' is the shortest track yet the screeching warbles that punctuate the last sixty seconds bleed into mammoth 'Forestry And Furniture', effectively throwing you down the rabbit hole, a nightmare and a migraine meeting in the eye of a hurricane. "
- Sonic Masala, Brisbane Blog


released July 15, 2011

Recorded w/ Brent Punshon at Headgap Studios Melbourne.
Mixed w/ Manfred Kaindel at Kunsthaus Studios.
Mastered w/ Jason Ward at Chicago Mastering.



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These Patterns Melbourne, Australia

These Patterns are a three piece, dark wave band from Melbourne, Australia. They create murky sonic soundscapes with their intense instrumentation.

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